Are You….

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It has been a very long time since I last blogged! I’ve been busy doing other things in my life and immersing myself into the Modern Quilt Guild movement. I will be starting a new blog, in the next few days, which will be more about my adventures in modern quilting and my growth as an artist. I hope you’ll join me!  For those who know me and my love for my silly kitty, you’ll understand the name for the new blog: The Creamsicle Cat.

It is considered postal fraud and identity theft to subscribe to magazines under another person’s name. Fortunately, I have an example of this person’s handwriting, and all of the subscriptions were requested through hand-written subscription cards. I’ve been collecting copies of these cards from the magazine companies, and I can verify who the offender is through her handwriting. So far, 12 counts of identity theft, and 12 counts of postal fraud. The offender may think it’s an amusing way to harass me, but it is a criminal offense.  My attorney is taking care of it, and I’m getting on with the good things in life! Cheers!

I am enjoying this little guy immensely! It’s almost like having a toddler in the house again! He’s into everything, wants to play all the time, hangs on my leg when he wants attention, and crashes hard when he’s worn out. He has brought a lot of laughter and joy to our household, and he’s great therapy for the days that I’m not feeling well. There’s nothing better than a purring kitty to sooth the soul. There’s a lot to be learned from watching a kitten; have fun, play more, enjoy each moment, and relax when needed. It’s good medicine!

Making sure that Nancy’s apron is comfy.

The quilt is pretty cozy, too!

Checking out a basket that I put down.

It must be meant for me!

Don’t you wish you guys could have this basket?

Yes, I am all that!

Reaching for the ping pong ball that went under the dresser. Belly crawl!

He likes to pull one of my stress mats aside and sleep under it. LOL!

Relaxed, much?

After showing you my mug rug, I decided to do a little footwork and share some links with you! My friend, Terri, posted a mug rug tutorial on her blog, Sew Fantastic.  She has several tutorials to check out, so get a cup of coffee and enjoy the read! Meg made mugs rugs that look like little houses! Quilt Dad shows several mug rugs that were made for a swap. There are lots of cute ideas for making mug rugs at Two More Seconds. This should be enough to peak your interest and give you some ideas if you’re interested in hopping on the mug rug train!

My friend, Pam, made this one for me. I’m using it as a mouse pad! Thank you, Pam. I love it!

Look at the flip side! I love the cherries!

Now, that title is a mouthful! I was first introduced to the Modern Quilt Guild when Terri, Jen and Meg started the Bakersfield Modern Quilt Guild in January. One of the projects shared at that meeting was something called a mug rug. The original idea came from a small quilt that can be used as a rug for a beverage and a snack.  My first thought was, “Why?”  Terri mentioned that it’s a great way to try a new technique, and you don’t have to commit to making a large quilt. It’s also a project that you can finish in a day, so it’s a good thing to do when you are short on time. As I started looking on the internet for mug rugs, I found that I was intrigued by them! Not only can they be used as coasters, they can be used as mouse pads or coffee table toppers!

During one of our BMQG meetings, we made paper pieced hexies. Orange is my least favorite color, so I challenged myself to use a lot of orange in a project. Now that my mug rug is finished, I’m kind of liking orange! Whoda thunk it? I was going to use this mug rug for a swap that we have coming up in June, but I’ve decided to keep it. I’ll make another one for the swap!

As has been our family tradition for the past few years, we enjoyed another Easter with family at my brother’s ranch. It was terribly windy and cold this year, and the wildflowers weren’t quite in full bloom yet.  Since we didn’t take our traditional walk, I didn’t take many pictures. It was still a fun day, though!

Steve and Tami. Windy, much? LOL!

Steve was helping Brady get a bird’s eye view for some great pictures! Brady is a very talented, professional photographer.

My brother, Steve, and his best buddy, Jackson.

My son, Collin, and his girlfriend, Toni.

My niece, Jennifer, and her son, Jackson.

A week after we adopted George, he got out in the middle of the night, and ran away from home. He was sleeping on the bed when we went to sleep. When we woke up in the morning, the patio door in our bedroom was ajar just enough, and he was gone. Zack had come in from work at 3:00 a.m., and I think our patio door wasn’t closed completely. When another door in the house is opened, it causes an unlatched door to get pulled open. We searched door to door, put signs up, an ad in the paper and on Craigslist, and I’ve been watching the shelters on a daily basis. No George. He was tagged and micro-chipped, so he may get back to me some day. In looking for him, I found this little guy.  I was NOT looking to adopt another cat, and wasn’t even remotely tempted by all of the kittens in the shelter.  As soon as I came across the picture of this red headed little guy, I knew he was mine. I even had a name for him….Shamus. I have no idea where the name came from, it just popped into my head. I got to bring Shamus home last Friday.  I’ve never had a kitten before, so this is all new to me! I’m enjoying it, and I still hope to find George. I suppose I can quit saying that I’m not a cat person! LOL!

Snoring and purring

Scott’s not a cat person either. LOL!

Last Thursday was opening day at the new location of Strawberry Patches. It’s right across the parking lot from the old location, so it’s not hard to find. The store is jaw dropping gorgeous, and the joyous atmosphere inside the store was electrifying!  While there, Suzanne came to tell me that Kaffe Fassett had paid her a visit, in the way of a fabric shipment! My heart be still! I’ve long been collecting Kaffe Fassett fabrics, and I’ve dropped just a few hints over the years to Suzanne. Boy, did she come through! I literally purrrrrred with delight as bolt after bolt was laid out on the cutting table. Nerrrrrrvana! I’m in the middle of working on a project using KF fabrics, and I needed just a couple of more pieces. Thank you, Suzanne, for feeding my addiction! LOL!